About Our Club 

Forty-two years since its establishment by Clarence Rogers, APSA, the Lafayette Photographic Society remains true to its initial purpose – the promotion of photography for like-minded individuals.  Though newer members have replaced older and digital cameras have replaced film, this Lafayette based group flourishes because it continues to place the group cause before individual glory.  In deeming the organization a “society” rather than a “club,” the founder beseeched charter members and their successors to a rare calling of responsibility and respect.


What Rogers started as a small group of local shutterbugs has now blossomed into an organization of sixty plus members.  Along the way the club has boasted some major accomplishments, defining moments that have united the membership through hard work and fun.  Two types of milestones epitomize the group’s legacy:  conventions and salons.  In 1984 and 2012 LPS hosted the Gulf States Camera Club Council Conference, the earlier event at the Lafayette Hilton and the more recent at the New Iberia Ramada Conference Center.  After sponsoring an international salon in 1975, the group again undertook the monumental effort in 2004 through 2007, competitions that yielded nearly two thousand entries from as many as twenty-three countries. 


In addition to these landmark events, the club has filled its four decade history with educational and social opportunities.  Learning has come in many forms – monthly competitions, print exhibitions in Lafayette, New Iberia, Abbeville, and Gueydan; field trips; scavenger shoots; photo sessions; photographic experts; and member programs.  Fellowship has emanated from dinner meetings, banquets, and Christmas parties.


What began in 1971 thrives today because members have been generous, loyal, and up to date.  Key members – including those whose memberships spanned forty years – have welcomed newcomers with knowledge and warmth.  When film faded from center stage, members sponsored the club’s first projected digital competition in June 2006.  Since then the LPS website, online magazine, and social media have reflected technical savvy.  Visionary to its core, this society has most recently revised its Articles of Association to maintain the founding principles in an ever-changing world.   Indeed, photo learning and friendship enjoy a bright future through LPS.

Officers and executive board for 2020:




Cheryl Dubois President@lafayettephotographicsociety.org
Vice-President Ruth Crotty Vicepresident@lafayettephotographicsociety.org
Secretary Lynette Colgin


Treasure Debbie Burkhieser


Membership Julie Pastor


Competition Chairperson Anne Stevens  competition@lafayetephotographicsociety.org

Technology Chairperson 

Ken Eyster


Activities Chairperson Suzanne Seidel


Member at Large Melany Musso


GSCCC  Claudia Morgan gsccc@lafayettephotographicsociety.org

Past President

Tammy Robin  pastpresident@lafayettephotographicsociety.org


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