About Our Club 


When Clarence Rogers organized this club in 1971, he initiated a fellowship that has enriched the lives of its members through expert photography and lifetime friends. This APSA (Associate of the Photographic Society of America) obviously had the vision to recognize that Lafayette, Louisiana could yield a photographic society to thrive well into the third millennium. Today this club, so founded to share a common avocation, boasts some thirty or so active members who are, for the most part, digital manipulators, and who remain, to a lesser degree, traditional print and slide makers.

Explaining the longevity of this organization, two attributes characterize the participants -- a simultaneous desire to learn new approaches and a willingness to help each other with photographic hurdles, fundamental for the novice or obscure even for the experienced. The membership - an amalgamation of both retired and working engineers, teachers, geologists, public relations' consultants, and housewives among others - includes some seven or eight members who bring to the club their part-time professional photographic experiences. Together the entire club hones its skills on portrait, pictorial, photojournalism, travel, and nature photography.

In addition to the resources of the individual LPS members, the club gains indispensable support and competition opportunities from its affiliation with the Gulf States Camera Club Council, an organization of some 29 clubs in 4 states, and the Photographic Society of America,an international association of 533 clubs and councils from around the world. Learning and helping go hand in hand ...at every level.

To foster its artistic craft, the Lafayette Photographic Society offers the following:

           •  Meetings at 7:00p.m. to 9:00 p.m. on the 2nd and 4th Mondays of the month at the Comeaux Recreation Center, 411 W. Bluebird Street, Lafayette, LA 70508

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            • General Membership Meeting with Educational programs and guest speakers at the 2nd Monday's meeting

            • Inter-club projected image and print competitions at the 4th Monday's meeting

            • Intra-club GSCCC projected images

            • Group Photographic Field Trips

            • Photographic Sessions (complete with models and displays)

            • Participation in GSCCC and PSA Conferences


Never an organization to escape challenge, the club sponsored the Greater Lafayette International Salon from 2004 through 2007.  The exposure to superb quality images from around the world broadened the vision of the club as a whole and, in turn, raised the image quality of its members’ photography. 

Most competitions, in particular, provide members with an excellent avenue for learning since an expert judge, often times with national accolades, prepares a critique with positive and constructive comments on each entry. Such feedback month after month improves technical skills and shapes photographic eyes.

The members, who, naturally, have joined at different stages of the club’s history (some from the initial year, others from later decades, and even some within the last year) - all share a bond made special by their appreciation of fine photography. No matter if competing individually or competing as a team, the Lafayette Photographic Society enjoys its quest for that perfect picture, a pursuit indicative of its pride in each and every member. The legacy of founder Clarence Rogers, whose history and images hang on the second floor of the Lafayette Parish Library, flourishes some thirty-nine years later.

Interest, not experience, is all that it takes to join this organization. New members, no matter their level of expertise, bring a chance for the club to share and, ultimately, to grow. Should this appeal stir your photographic tastes, do join us as a guest - a welcome and wanted one -- for a meeting or activity.


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