11 - End of Year Banquet - Zoom Meeting   

https://us02web.zoom.us/j/84101438325?pwd=Nk5EeDJpTG54Z0xmSjZ1TElFRk1yQT09 Meeting ID: 841 0143 8325

25 - Competition Meeting and Edit with Ease


8 Hector Astorga (hectorastorga.com) - Wildlife Photography 

17 Edit With Ease Lagniappe Zoom Meeting 

22 - Competition Meeting and Edit with Ease


8 - Lela Whiddon - Composites 

Meeting ID: 858 6811 1531 Passcode: 714372
Our March speaker will be Lela Whiddon. Lela is the Professional Photographers of Louisiana's Photographer of the Year for 2019 and 2020. She started her business, Lela K's Photography, in Evangeline, Louisiana, in 1990. Lela is a Certified Professional Photographer, specializing in weddings and portraits. She also creates beautiful fine art images. Since she began competing in PPA and PPLA print competitions in 2012, she has earned a PPLA Artistry Degree, as well as her Masters degree from the Professional Photographers of America (PPA). In the last 3 years each of her PPA print cases (a case consists of 4 images) have merited and in 2020, 2 of the 4 images in her case made loan. She currently serves on the PPLA executive board as secretary. In addition to showing us some of her award winning images, she will discuss compositing and presentation.

21 - Scavenger Hunt Rayne, LA 3:00 p.m. 

22 - Competition and Edit with Ease - Kim Boustany 


12 - Kim Boustany - Frames 


Meeting ID: 893 4861 8417 Passcode: 330127

Kim Boustany will be making a presentation about making the frame displayed below. Kim will show us how to save the frame as a png so we can use it again on different images.  Attendees are requested to be in front of their computer and have an an image selected for editing.  We are going to make this frame together as Kim presents step by step directions. Kim encourages you to to ask her to repeat a step until you understand, and we are all caught up on each step.  In a separate email, prior to the meeting, Kim will send out the free texture she used on the frame as well as the ink edge.


10 - Melany Musso - Wildlife Photography 

https://us02web.zoom.us/j/3283584048?pwd=UlpjSXh4WWZqdmFKV1g5T2wzdHhrUT09Meeting ID: 328 358 4048 Passcode: 654321

17 - Wee Bits - Kim - Rebuilding PS workspace; Lynette Colgin - Neutral Filters in PS  



24- Competition Meeting; Edit with Ease - Carrie Pennison - Website Overview 




14  – Phillip Colwart, Cr. Photog, CPP Headshot and Portrait Workflow

21  Wee Bits: Brushes; Creating Custom Drop Shadow Effect and HISI presented by Kim Boustany, Tammy Robin & Cheryl Duboishttps://youtu.be/3c18cWtJH2c





19 Wee bits




9  Creating and Saving Lightroom Presets and Brushes presented by Kim Boustany

16 Wee Bits: John Miguez –



13  Members present their own still life images and setup Table Top Shoot

20 Wee Bits: Glyphs & Characters: How to apply swirls to characters, space out lettering, etc. Presented by Kim Boustanyhttps://youtu.be/dxUQT5tSH-M







15 - Wee Bits



13 - Christmas Party 

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